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Hi All! I'm new here.. [Feb. 6th, 2007|04:39 pm]
Elfwood Critiques


Well, as the subject says, this is my first post into the EW critiques journal. I've been watching the main EW journal for some time, but now I feel like joining this one too.

So this is a picture I'm working on

I think he's really cute! just look at that face, teehee ^_^

He's partly an attempt to actually produce something soley from my wacom (ive had the thing for nearly a year, so its about time!) and partly an attempt to incorporate a nude male into my gallery (cuz i'm feeling a bit sexist with only women in there)

Basically, I'm not real worried about the background, but helpful comments on anything would be appreciated! Like the anatomy or lighting, or tricks to concider with my wacom! (Unfortunatly, I do not have Photoshop, my program is OpenCanvas v. 1.1 ;_;) Thanks everyone!

[User Picture]From: dagmarjung
2007-02-08 10:46 pm (UTC)
Hi Nessa, sorry for letting you wait so long for a response. Your pixie man is dynamic in his movement and overall charming, but he has some anatomy issues. I would have preferred to draw you some sketches, but sadly I lack time, so I hope I can give you some hints with words alone.

- his head lacks backskull. We are all used to focus on the face, but try and measure a human head and realize just how much of it is backskull. Get some photos of random people from different angles or, if you can, ask someone to hold their head in this angle and measure and make a sketch. The biggest part by far will be the crown, in the form of an oval, and the face will appear very small from this angle. The jaws and following it, the ear will also be much further back from the face.

- another area that needs reconstruction is the hip. You need to have a good solid idea of how the pelvis bone is constructed and how the tighbones are linked to it. (If you don't have reference pics of skeletons and nude bodys for comparison, Google is your friend.)
The hip is where the movement of the legs begins. Both upper tighs need redoing in that aspect, but especially the left one (seen from his PoV).

In general, check symmetry of all limbs. Fingers and all other body parts that come in pairs should have the same size, length and thickness left and right.

The penis is set too high, from this angle you should see only the root. Also this poor pixie seems to be a gelding ;-) - but again, if his gender parts were set a bit deeper in the correct place, you wouldn't see much at all.

hope this helps!

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[User Picture]From: dagmarjung
2007-02-08 10:50 pm (UTC)
Oh, I nearly forgot: His tail is an extension of the spine and as such, should be more in the middle.
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[User Picture]From: dagmarjung
2007-02-08 10:53 pm (UTC)
One nmore Postscriptum: one of his wings seems to grow from his spine (middle of the back), the other one from his left shoulder. Another symmetry issue!
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[User Picture]From: skyealloway
2007-02-09 05:03 pm (UTC)
Thanks for all the comments! I rather had been feeling that the pelvis bump on the left was too low and out of place, and i can see how the tail should be moved a little (thou I think I'll probably leave it cuz I like the overall curve it creates) I can move the penis easily enough. But his head I kind of like. I wasn't really going for 'human' when i did his head. I was more going for like, oblong, i suppose. And the same with his fingers. I meant for the middle one to be slightly thicker than the others. I suppose these types of things are just the little nuances that i wanted to add to make him have more of a fantasy feel. The only thing that confuses me a bit is that I don't quite see a lack of symetry (other than the wings/tail not being in the proper places for this particular angle).

Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to offer up your advice. your a very generous person, and once I give this little pixie a bit of a tune-up I'll repost perhaps :)
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[User Picture]From: dagmarjung
2007-02-09 10:29 pm (UTC)
I can see you want the hands not quite like human hands. But what I mean about symmetry is that the left thumb still should be as long and thick as the right thumb, the left forefinger like the right forefinger and so on. It's not widely different, only details.

A general trick about symmetry is to mirror the picture. You'll be amazed how obvious every slight distortion is visible once you see it from the other side.
In fact, mirroring is the best constructive criticism you can do on your own.
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From: jenieceapehy
2012-01-29 03:47 pm (UTC)
Доброго времени суток! Не вижу условия использования информации. Можно ли копировать написанный вами текст на свой блог, если ставить ссылку на эту страницу?
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[User Picture]From: skyealloway
2012-01-29 10:19 pm (UTC)
sure, you can use stuff I post in my blog, just be sure and give me credit and a link back ^_^
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