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Elfwood Critiques

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One of the complaints that keeps coming up about Elfwood is the lack of constructive criticism. Well, here is your chance to both give and receive.

The general idea is that you may plug your gallery, library, specific picture, poem, or story, and receive an honest and sometimes brutal critique. If you are looking for a pat on the back, do not post here. You are expected to have a thick, creative skin and know how to take any of the constructive criticism given. Compliments are fine, if taken with a side-order of honest critique. In other words, please don't post just a simple compliment, provide people with ideas on how you feel they can better their art.

Some general rules:
1. NO personal attacks. We're here to critique art and writing, not the people who make it.

2. Please post the images and/or writing to be critiqued behind a cut or put a link to it in your post. We don't want to kill people with the scroll-bars!

3. If you are posting R-rated materials (exposed genitals, explicit scenes, obvious sexual situations) or linking to it, please mention it in your post so nobody has to look at it that does not want to.

4. DO NOT POST SOMEONE ELSE'S ART OR WRITING FOR REVIEW. EVER. It doesn't matter if you "have their permission". They can post their own work.

5. Constructive criticism only, please. Don't just rail on an artist or writer, try to help them improve, or let them know what they're doing right!

6. Absolutely no flipping out and getting all huffy if you don't happen to like a criticism. It makes you look like unfriendly, rude, and unconcerned with your art. It also perpetuates the fear of giving criticism that keeps so many people silent. If you easily get angry or annoyed when a critique doesn't work for you, please refrain from posting.

7. Have fun :) We're all here to learn and improve!

Generally speaking, be helpful, honest and most importantly, respectful of others so that we can keep a community going that people want to be a part of. Lets help each other learn to better our work!

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