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Totem cards. [Dec. 6th, 2006|08:26 pm]
Elfwood Critiques


Running behind on my two pieces for the Pathfinders totem card deck.

The first is a card representative of Bats. I've included a fruit bat looking at a tasty fruit, a little vampite bat, bat hunting a moth and a fishing bat starting to chow down on his catch.

And the card representative of faun and satyr. A chalice of wine at his feet and he is using the magic of his panpipes to create plant life from the dead tree stump.

I realize there is a crease on the satyr piece, but that will change when I transfer them onto bristol board.

Looking for any critique, for composition, anatomy what ever. I am even looking for some suggestions on color themes as right now I cant think of a theme that will will really work to maximum effect.

Thanks so much for your time :)